About Jilly B's

Cupcakes and Yogurt and Gifts – Oh My!

Jilly B’s isn’t the kind of place you usually find in the suburbs of South Jersey. But maybe it should be. Life would be a whole lot sweeter.

With its elegant décor, white French doors, shaded chandeliers, and gleaming table tops, Jilly B’s looks like something you’d find on an exclusive block of Madison Avenue, or perhaps tucked away down a hidden side street on the Left Bank of Paris. But this sophisticated jewel box of a store, brimful of luscious cupcakes, delectable frozen yogurt, and unique little gifts, is indeed where you’d least expect to find it, in the Holly Ravine Shopping Center on Springdale Road in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Jilly B’s: a tasty setting for scrumptious goodies and gorgeous gifts.

Our Address

100 Springdale Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Phone: 856-795-2337 (BEES)
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Store Hours

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